L2TP protocol is supported by iOS by default without the need to install applications. It suitable for cases when downloading and installing our special program is either impossible or undesirable.

Create a connection. It's simple:

Settings Basic VPN Add VPN Configuration Type: L2TP

Get authorization data and a list of servers by specifying an access code. You can get the code itself after payment or by requesting a free trial period.

  • Description:
  • Server:
  • Username:
  • Password:
  • IPSec (PSK): incloaknetwork

  • Description : any, for example, “hidemy.name VPN” or the name of the server that you will use.
  • Server : IP address of the server, which looks like numbers separated by dots.
  • Account : your access code, which is 12-16 digits.
  • Password : the default is 4 digits, but you can think of a more complex one.
  • Shared Key :
  • For All Data : Enabled.

Setup is complete. Now, you can connect to the VPN.

Note: After connecting, check your IP address. It must change. If this does not happen, double-check the correctness of the entered data.

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